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A. Before you define the solution (putting photos on c-cards) please define the problem. What problem has occurred as a result of NAUI cards not having photos? After you list the problems, research the issue to see how many times they have happened. Then analyze--is the effort of photo c-cards worth it...will we be solving a significant problem?

Incidentally...photo c-cards are not worth the effort.

--Fred Calhoun, NAUI 380; Boston, MA (Private Professional Instructor, has taught all levels of diving to ITCs. Producer of the Boston Diving Show. Past North Atlantic Branch Manager. Recipient of NAUI Outstanding Service Award.)

Compiled and Edited by Jeffrey Bozanic, NAUI 5334L

NDA News, Nov/Dec 1988, pp. 8-11.
Photo Certification Cards

NAUI Members' Forum #8

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