QUESTION: "Should diving instructors and divemasters be required to submit to a program of preemployment and routine drug testing? Why/why not?"


--William Macfarlane, NAUI 12415; St. Petersburg, FL (Teaches OW I at Bill Jackson's, a NAUI Pro Facility.)

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Questions for the next issues:

For the July/August issue: "When using an alternate second stage, should the alternate regulator or the primary (from the mouth) be passed? Why?"

For the September/October issue: "Given the worldwide AIDS epidemic, should scuba course curriculums continue to include the teaching of mouth to mouth resuscitation? Why/Why not?"

For the November/December issue: "Should the scuba industry lobby for or promote reasonable governmental legislation covering diving? Why/Why not?"

For the January/February issue: "Should some avenue of information be available for scuba students enabling them to determine what the teaching experience and accident record of a prospective instructor/shop has been? Why/why not? If yes, how should it work?"

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Sources, May/Jun 1991, (3:3), pp. 11-16.
Drug Testing for Scuba Instructors

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